1. What actually motivated you to get into showbiz?

I’m an artist a craftsman and the material available to me is human being s in all of it ‘s manifestation-mental, physical and emotional. I have a deep interest in people, personalities, lives and experiences. I thought acting and directing was the best way to express myself and what i see around me to a wider audience.


2. What is difference b/w Angeline as a person and Angeline as an actress?

Each character that i play expresses some part of me Angeline the actor is a part of Angeline the person.


3. What is 3 line definition of Acting?

Acting is all about creating a character that is an extension of oneself rather then an imitation of someone else, it s about feeling rather then imitating. You have to feel within what you act out.


4. How do you evaluate overall showbiz/acting /drama scene of Pakistan?

The deregulation of electronic media has afforded enormous opportunities to people of varying talent to enter this field, i’m optimistic this transition will eventually lead to better quality programs in the near future.


5. Do you like being recognized on the streets. How did it feel when you go to shop and find a long row of the people following you?

I’d be lying if i say i don t like being recognized, it s always good as long as it is not at the cost of one s privacy.


6. Often the fame goes to the head of a person when she steps into the showbiz. why . does it happen ? is it true in your case?

I would leave others to be the judge whether fame has gotten to my head or not.


7. Do you have any suggestions to contribute in order to improve Drama in Pakistan?

I d say we should not try to ape the west or India, let s be original. why do we have to go in that direction when we have so much to offer ourselves, it s about time we should stimulate our own imaginations and certainly find a niche in the market for ourselves.


8. Does the media give proper and equal coverage to all?

Our industry is so small that almost everyone deserving do get their fair share of coverage.


9. Its is seen that senior artistes have overcome the scene. Even they have stared their own productions and reasons to remain here. Don’t you think this is a materialistic approach? Why and how…

But then why not they have given this nation enough in the past and at a time when even the most talented artists were working on minimum wages. It’s not about being materialistic it’s about survival and keeping in mind our industry does not cater enough work for senior artists.


10. Do you think in this situation a newcomer has to face numerous problems. How and why…?

I don t think that creates any problems for newcomers in fact it gives them the opportunity to learn from them. I myself learnt a lot and the best thing was my experience working with senior artists in my initial days as a director, here i was directing actors i always looked up to and here they were listening and taking me seriously. not even for a second they made me feel that i was younger or a newcomer and i think that helped a lot in my growth. 


11. What qualities do you suggest in a good actress?

Unusual sensitivity and the ability to understand the workings of the human personality.


12. Isn’t it a good face the showbiz is all about…?

Initially a good face does matter, but eventually just a  good face is not enough.


13. Why has it become like a rule of thumb that every other model is coming to acting?

I personally feel that modelling is not as gratifying as acting and you do not get the same appreciation, maybe that’s one reason every other model is going into acting and then unfortunately modelling has a short life span in Pakistan and then what’s the next best thing for a pretty face to do.


14. Acting is a self negation, whereas modeling is more towards self promotion. don’t you think due to this reason a model may fail to create an impact as a model. Why?

Don’t you think the myth that models cannot act has been exploded by far. If he/she has that certain sensibility or intelligence to leave the model behind and remember it s not all about self expression, the impact can be created.


15. In future what kind of roles you ‘ll go for?

I m very selective about my roles, self satisfaction is very important to me. any role which gives me the desire to perform from within and do justice to it, is how i select my roles.


16. As compared to past history of our plays ,the present era experience a declining trend in terms of quality. What are the reasons and what are your suggestions?

With so many new channels emerging there s a big demand of new software, where quantity has taken precedence over quality.i think people who are in production for the wrong reasons should just let the people with aesthetic sense do their work. 


17. In a male dominated society do you think your rights are protected. How the situation may be improved?

women have very little rights or privileges in Pakistan and not enough opportunities for justice. I think we could have a better future if there was a stronger network of women striving for their rights.


18. What are your aims and objectives?

I see great things happening and would like to be part of this movement where we re striving for a wider audience and InshaAllah global recognition in media.


19. What is your motto in life?

Ishq ko kaam smjho aur kaam say ashqi karo.


20. How do you want to steer your way ahead?

I m very optimistic and believe all ones effort and hard work takes you in the right direction and opportunities follow.


21. You seem to be not interested in movies. Surprising, since most actresses see it as the only way to vertical graph?

My method of acting is not suitable for film hence i have not ventured there.


22. Its said that your lackadaisical attitude towards movies stemmed from the fact that you are making a lot more money as a TV artiste?

I m not in this profession to make money or you d be seeing me in every other play or channel.


23. You have gained maximum from the TV  in terms of adulation and critical appreciation. Do you feel vindicated.? You are said to be one cool customer. You like to present this nonchalant attitude, which says you aren’t really affected by the success or failure of your plays/serials. do you really feel this way or is that just a facade ?

Of course i m affected i want my audience to sit up and take notice of my work, that’s what i work for ‘appreciation’.


24. How is it possible to maintain the same level of enthusiasm, when you are working in a number of projects at the same time ?

I only take one at a time that’s a policy i have maintained for myself.


25. Don’t you think that the person in you will take over the actor in you ,and you might start interfering…?

The actor in me needs the person in me for all the assortments of emotions and experiences that are appropriate to the character, .in acting everything comes out of what you are or some aspect of who you are.hence the interference is unavoidable.


26. How did your family react when you decide to get into the glamour-biz.?

They were scandalized, i belong to a family of professional doctors. showbiz was somewhere no one came from or thought of going. but till they saw my work, they won t go on about it but i can see the pride in they re eyes.in fact My dad is my biggest fan and biggest critic.


27. Many people think that you have changed after success and that you have become very high handed?

I have yet to succeed.


28. How do you find the people here…in showbiz field. Have you find’em just the same as you have thought of before being a part of this showbiz?

People assume many things about people in this field which you discover are not actually true. i walked in without any expectations and was surprised on how down to earth many people were. I personally have  had a great experience with almost everyone I’ve interacted with in this field.


29. What made you to get switched over to direction?

I always wanted to tell stories and being a director there’s a bigger canvas available to you, then acting.direction has it s own appeal you make people see the world through your eyes.


30. How did you realize that you may be a good actor/actress and you should give it a try…..?

I always wanted to express myself artistically and i wanted to communicate. what better way of doing that but acting,i believed what majority of us believe that we can act which we find out once we re in front of the camera, that’s how it happened to me and i was surprised.


31. In your view what’s important for an actor/actress to see before signing a play ?

The script is key. i believe a bad director cannot go wrong with a good script and of course the character whether i can do justice to it and how much room does it give me for performance.


32. Is the swamp of our new talent coping up well with the challenge they have because of satellite channels?

I think these are good times, there s a lot of opportunities.new talent do not need to struggle as much as their seniors had to,they should just stay focus. It might be easier today getting there but it s still as difficult staying. 


33. How do you find your play as a viewer and again as an actor……?

It s very important to look at your work as a viewer which i find very difficult to do, i m very critical of my delivery, my actions as an actress and my as a director and viewers overlook many things which you cannot.


34. How do u conceive a role do u study the character in practical life?

Like Socrates said “the easiest way to make people believe you are a good man is to be a good man” hence it s very important to live that person for a while i think about the character and make many decisions about her, if i m not provided with a proper sketch i make sure i create it myself.


35. What fascinated you in the acting field because as an actor you have to go through a transformation process…. emerging as a totally different person.?

That’s what i liked about acting you can be so many people, put yourself into another character, create a non existent event and perform to your own logical fulfillment.


36. Are you satisfied with your performance. what deficiencies have you noticed.?

An actor can never be satisfied with their performance and you yourself are your best critic.


37. Please suggest some steps that we should take to improve the quality of our productions to compete with foreign channels?

Like i said before we should stimulate our own imaginations, stop trying to follow them, create our own identity, promote and support our own people.


38. Where do you want to see yourself standing after 10 years……?

On my two feet.


39. What new plays have you signed.? (complete details)

I m directing this crazy romantic eid play, then playing Anna in a play based on Anna Karenina by Tolstoy my project after this i d like to keep under wraps.



DATE OF BIRTH: 24th june

EDUCATION: Masters computer animation.

SCHOOLING/COLLEGE: London guildhall university

SIBLINGS AND YOUR NUMBER AMONG THEM: One brother two sisters. I m the second youngest.



They respect and admire my work and all very cooperative to my crazy work schedule.



I d follow my first passion, i d be a sculptor.